From the Ground Up – Building A Better You! 
(II Timothy 1:7)

What’s In It for Me?


Receive personal
one on one


Finally identify what you truly want to pursue in your life.


Get access to proven strategies from me based from my experiences and influential coaches.


Move forward faster in your life through exposure to actionable steps needed to build a better you.


Unleash the best parts of you through exercises that will improve your mental, physical, and overall wellbeing.


Experience a healthier and fuller life by learning to take the limits off of you.

Meet Centrell

Centrell Reed is a Houston-based entrepreneur, business leader, coach, speaker, and philanthropist. Through all these activities, she is passionate about building foundations beneficial for growth, wellness, and prosperity. As a real estate developer, Centrell understands the importance of building a solid groundwork that can serve as a platform for future growth. For her, this tenet holds true both literally and figuratively.

Centrell cherishes mentorship and coaching opportunities that allow her to share her knowledge and experiences about this critical process of building. She also knows this process starts at the foundation, and has seen the power of connecting with people where they are and coaching them to work toward where they want to be. From the Ground Up is about harnessing this process for the benefit of individuals: considering a person in their entirety, and putting strategies in place to improve their life structure, health, and happiness. Ultimately, it’s about building a better you!

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“I share the tools from influential people that I have worked with on how to progress YOU from where you are to where you want to be. This allows YOU to realize your full potential by taking actionable steps to improve your mental, physical, and overall well-being.”

Your Thoughts

  • Timothy Jones
    "Centrell Reed has been a source of inspiration for me for over 17 years. Her consistent personal standards of excellence, her extremely high business IQ, and her unapologetic execution of her goals have motivated me to never settle for mediocrity".
    Timothy Jones
  • Donald W. Hurst
    I met Centrell Reed through the KIPP Internship Program, she was the host of the internship I was participating in. The internship was focused on real estate, however, we covered many things including: business ethics, networking, professional development, time management, etc. In high school I was aware of these tools, but my experience with the internship I actually put those tools to use.The first day of my internship Centrell and I discussed my ambitions in life and in real estate, concluding the internship Reed had shared a lot of knowledge with me on how to achieve my level of success, and outlined the resources I can use to my benefit. Furthermore, she asked, “what would I like to learn throughout my time at the internship?” I responded “I just wanted to gain as much knowledge from you as possible.” I believe me going into the internship open-mindedly and with this perspective it allowed Centrell to pass on an abundance of information and be able to expose me to many different things. I will always admire Ms. Reed for her erudition, and professionalism that she maintains.
    Donald W. Hurst
  • DMyers
    Words cannot express how invaluable Centrell's mentorship has been. Her wisdom, spirit and constant encouragement is like receiving the ultimate b12 shot, with action and time, transformation happens. It's been not only a privilege to watch her life channel amazing flow and experiences, but motivating to know that I too can be amazing. Thank you so much Centrell for providing wonderful insight and friendship. I can't wait for the world to get to know this Dynamic woman, mentor and friend.

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